Find factories and estimate the cost for your project

We match you with the best factories in China and make a cost  breakdown of your product development, including the cost of the  prototype, molding, testing, bulk order, packaging, and shipping.  We also offer the best advice on crafts, materials, and packaging.

Build the prototype based on your product ideas

We assist the factory to make a prototype according to your 3D design.  Prototype costs  can be completed 

For handmade products

If you’re developing handmade products, like clothing or wooden  toys, you will see samples that are exactly the same as the bulk order. 

Customize packaging for your products

You don’t have to find packaging factories and designers yourself. We cooperate with many best-price packaging factories and our in-house designers can help to design your packaging and revise it until you’re satisfied.

Start mass production and arrange shipment

After the samples are perfected, mass production will begin. We will  help you follow up on wholesale production and make sure the  product quality is good before shipping out of China.