Professional Wholesale Stationery Supplier with 25 Years of Experience

Best China Stationery Supplier Supplying 2000+ Kinds of Wholesale Stationery Products with Competitive Price for Global Importers.

  • Full Range of Stationery

    Full Range of Stationery

  • Free Product Samples

    Free Product Samples

  • 7×24 Hours Response

    7×24 Hours Response

  •  Eco-Friendly Material

    Eco-Friendly Material

  • Advanced Manufacturig Ability

    Advanced Manufacturig Ability

  • OEM & ODM Service

    OEM & ODM Service

  • International Test Certificates

    International Test Certificates

  • 5000 m² Showroom

    5000 m² Showroom

Custom Stationery

We call ourselves a stationery team, but at our core we are a company of designers, innovators and trendsetters — a team of individuals who have great respect for the process, leaving no detail unturned. We are passionate about providing unique, well-designed products that will help you feel inspired. YiwugoMU has you covered to offer you customized products based on your pics, videos, or any ideas.

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